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Slovenian-English-Slovenian Windows Smartphone dictionarySlovoEd Slovenian-English - Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary

Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary

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Smartphone dictionarySlovoEd is Slovenian-English and English-Slovenian translation dictionary for mobile phones with Windows Smartphone 2002/2003/2003 SE/2005 operating systems (smartphones). Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary (translator) is compatible with any Windows Smartphone mobile phone.

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Slovenian-English and English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary features:

  • High-quality dictionary databases from world-famous linguistic companies specially adapted for using with Windows Smartphone
  • High access rate to dictionary entries thanks to unique data compression technology
  • Convenient, friendly, specially designed for Windows Smartphone dictionary user interface

Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary

  • Right sorting order for Slovenian and English languages according to its alphabet
  • Search history (quick access to last words you searched)
  • Possibility to install and use several language pairs at the same time (for example, Slovenian-English and Slovenian-German Windows Smartphone dictionaries)
  • Dictionary interface is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek and Russian
  • Possibility to install Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary to expansion cards
  • Possibility to save certain words on Flash Cards (a special method of learning new Slovenian or English words) and then pass a Flash Cards Quiz
  • Free online update service


SlovoEd Slovenian-English-Slovenian dictionaries for Windows Smartphone is compatible with any Windows Smartphone 2002/2003/2003 SE/2005 mobile phone (smartphone).

Slovenian-English-Slovenian dictionaries are compatible with Qtek 7070, 8100, 8010, 8020, 8060, 8080, 8310; Samsung i600; T-Mobile SDA; Motorola MPx220, i-mate SP5, Orange SPV C550, E200; Mio 8380 and many other devices.

Slovenian-English and English-Slovenian Full dictionary
Dictionary database is powered by CHS

Slovenian-English smartphone dictionary contains 6 399 entries
English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary contains 6 181 entries

Memory required: 220 KB.
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Slovenian-English-Slovenian smartphone dictionary As Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Paragon Software (SHDD) provides hi-quality software compatible with Windows Smartphone.


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 SlovoEd Slovenian-English ()

Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine’s Sixth Annual Best Software Awards 2006SlovoEd multilingual dictionary was nominated as the best dictionary for Windows Mobile Smartphone in Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine’s Sixth Annual Best Software Awards 2006


[November 7, 2006]
Turn your Blackberry into mobile translation tool

[November 3, 2006]
SlovoEd for mobiles

[October 12, 2006]
Applications by Paragon Software (SHDD) became the nominees in the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2006

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