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Russian language support for Windows SmartphoneLanguage Extender - Windows Smartphone Russian

Windows Smartphone Russian

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LEng for Windows Smartphone is Russian localization system for mobile phones with Windows Mobile for Smartphone operating system (smartphones). LEng for Windows Smartphone includes Russian keyboard support, Russian regional settings and Russian interface translation (separate version of Russian localization without interface translation is also available).

Windows Smartphone Russian Russian Smartphone

LEng features:

  • Russian keyboard input in any application
  • KOI-8, Windows 1251 and DOS Cyrillic encoding support
  • Sending and receiving emails in Russian
  • Browse Russian Internet pages
  • Use Russian format of date, time, numbers, etc.

Russian localization system for Windows Mobile Smartphone is compatible with the following devices:

  • Motorola MPx200 (Windows Smartphone 2002)
  • Qtek 8080 (Windows Smartphone 2003)
  • i-mate Smartphone2 (Windows Smartphone 2003)
  • i-mate SP3 (Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Smartphone)

Russian localization for XDA/MDA (Pocket PC Phone Edition) and other Pocket PC models is also available.


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